Life at Grapple

The most essential feature of every organisation is a healthy work culture and happy employees. If any one of them is missing in an organisation, it will not move in the path of success and positive growth.

An organisation with certain ethics and values, believes in radical thinking, trust and personal Responsibility in all kinds of relationships and empathy. Cultural characteristics promote many kinds of abilities in our employees like personal responsibility, respect for all cultures, characteristics and creeds, work life balance, contribution of individual opinions, trust and positive relationships.

These abilities help to boost the employee morale and motivate them to approach the problems very creatively. We promote creative thinking and problem solving capabilities. In the company the employees are encouraged to to be a part of the responsibility and solve all the problems associated with the projects and jobs. Timely guidance is provided whenever they are needed but individualistic approach is always given importance.

Thus Grapple's organisational culture helps to promote the business growth and also maintain the work life balance of our employees.

There are self checking and self correction groups in every department of the company so that every person's performance is analysed, corrected and evaluated.We start by paying attention to the issues, prerequisites, difficulties and targets. Timely motivational workshops, management skills training, technical training, and experienced mentorship stands as a pillar of strength for our employees.

We completely understand that money is required to live a comfortable and happy life, and therefore we provide the possible optimal compensation plan according to the market rate to all the deserving candidates in our company.

Over valued cultural support team and the technical guidance department help in addressing those mistakes that are actually linked up with all the challenges in the field of Information and technologies.

We regularly reward the characteristics of each and every employee that seem positive and inspiring to other employees. Our motivation is not just superficial in the form of gifts aur any hikes, but we raise the bar of apprentice every time in another organisation after every positive performance.

Regular health checkups, home finances management plans, mental health campaigns, group outings, scrum sessions, discussions, security policies and most importantly the deserved pay scale is provided to an able employee.

Thus life at Grapple provides the complete corporate culture, with with all the required ingredients that are considered as the best practices in the field of Information and Technology for the benefit of our employees