Grapple help you reduce costs with deliverables in your business. We help you fulfill your shot term as well as long term staffing needs. Our clients are able to have timely access to qualified & experienced candidates for niche, special projects or changes in the industry.

  • On a contract basis, staffing is our clients' most frequently requested service. We have the perfect-fit resources which perfectly match the technical mandate and play a crucial role in working efficiently on the technical project and ensuring that the deliverables are completed efficiently during the interim.
  • Long-term technical projects can be handled by qualified personnel who are familiar with their roles and have sufficient time on their hands. It's not uncommon for contract-to-hire staffing to evolve into full-time recruiting.
  • The permanent hiring process includes screening and preparing the resource with the mandated technical and analytical skills. Candidates that fulfill the statutory requirements will be invited to our campus for a one-on-one meeting with the prospective consultant. Those who do will be considered for permanent employment.
  • The executive search services offered by Grapplesoft have been at the forefront for clients who require specific subject matter experts, domain experts, senior positions for specific essential mandates etc. At Grapplesoft, we take great care to ensure that the roles are adequately filled and that the hiring process goes well.